Telemis Unveils “TM-Microscopy 4.97”:  A Leap Forward Digital Pathology

Telemis Unveils “TM-Microscopy 4.97”: 
A Leap Forward Digital Pathology


Louvain-la-Neuve, 23 January 2024. Telemis, a leader in medical imaging solutions, is proud to announce the release of TM-Microscopy version 4.97. This update introduces a suite of powerful features and improvements, reinforcing our commitment to extending human life through advanced imaging technologies.


“This version is a prime example of an ideal software upgrade : faster than its predecessor, with major new features (co-registration), as well as everyday improvements (slides rescanning).  We are looking forward to installing this version for all our customers in the coming weeks.”, says Bruno Piscaglia, Head of TM-Microscopy at Telemis.


Features and improvements:

Faster Performance: Users will experience significantly improved display speeds, particularly for Leica SVS format images, enhancing efficiency and reducing server resource usage.

Advanced Co-registration: Our enhanced system now allows for the effective realignment of similar images, automatically rotating them for optimal comparative analysis. An added button enables forced re-alignment with other images, streamlining the process.

Enhanced Counting Tool: The counting tool now includes a target circle corresponding to the WHO standard, facilitating more accurate analysis.

Improved Macro-images Viewer: Enjoy an advanced viewer for macroscopy images, offering superior zooming and navigation capabilities.

Rescan Feature: Doctors can now request a rescan of insufficient quality images with ease, ensuring higher accuracy and better patient care.

Enhanced Collaboration and Workflow: The dashboard module now provides insights into the percentage of slides read by colleagues, and case owners can manage sharing permissions more effectively.


With this release, Telemis continues to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions for the medical users of digital pathology. 



Telemis is a fast growing healthcare IT company specialised in PACS/MACS (Picture/Multimedia Archiving & Communication System), Digital Pathology and Healthcare Business Intelligence solutions. Telemis develops and commercialises innovative medical imaging software and healthcare business intelligence solutions. Telemis technological solutions are integrated into customers’ existing environments, and are accompanied by local, high-quality services.


TM-Microscopy by Telemis helps to convert a laboratory into a 100% digital environment, whether for routine clinical tasks or collection.



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