The Navarre/Côte Basque and Landes Regional Hospital Groups (GHT) deploy their Basque-Landes shared medical imaging facility (PIMM)

The first Public/Public PIMM has been created in the Sud Aquitaine region.


Louvain-La-Neuve (Belgium), 18 February 2020 - This strategic project for the Bayonne, Saint-Palais, Dax, and Mont-de-Marsan hospitals was based on the wish of the four hospitals to pool their resources in response to the demand for imaging in the region. This is, first and foremost, a medical and healthcare project in the healthcare region defined by the PIMM.

Under the direction of a project group consisting of hospital directors, heads of unit, and heads of department, Dr David Higué, head of the radiology department at Mont-de-Marsan, is acting as the Medical Coordinator of this project.

Following the drafting of a detailed specification, and in response to a call for projects conducted by the Regional Health Agency, the project was born in the form of a Health Cooperation Group with the four establishments as its members.

This medical and healthcare project is based on three basic pillars:

  • Shared continuous healthcare (PDS) from a technical facility at the Côte Basque de Bayonne Hospital,
  • Setting up specialist shifts on all four sites, either via the physical presence of radiologists or by scheduled teleradiology,
  • Virtualised multidisciplinary consultation meetings (RCP) held via videoconferencing.

The technical platform of this PIMM is based on the implementation of a solution that can manage the entire workflow, from exam requests to the justification for the procedures, carrying out the exam, and interpretation via speech recognition; all linked in to the local RIS (Radiology Information Systems) and EPRs (Electronic Patient Records).

Dr Higué says: “With the help of Telemis, we have developed a workflow that lets us tackle every aspect of our project. The support we got from the Telemis engineers was invaluable. We benefited from their experience, their vision, and their availability. This service was fully covered by our maintenance agreements and did not require any additional budget.”

Philippe Mabille, CEO of Telemis France, notes the excellent contribution of the project team within which the heads of unit and IT Managers of the facilities were able to standardise their methods and processes, leading to optimisation of treatment.

Dr Martineau, Head of Radiology at the Côte Basque Hospital, points out that the creation of this, the first Public/Public PIMM in France, is sparking nationwide interest. This facility now serves as an important reference that can be extended to all of the stakeholders in the region.