New Telemis MACS delivers enhanced functions for radiologists, new collaboration tools and AI integration

Version 4.90 of Telemis archiving and transmission platform is future-proofed for machine learning and adds advanced capabilities for diagnosis and collaboration

Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), 19. March 2019 – Telemis, the medical imaging, archiving and transmission specialist, has announced the next generation of its established Multimedia Archiving and Communication System (MACS) platform. Telemis-Medical Version 4.90 further simplifies the capture, storage, comparison and sharing of key diagnostic data through improved image registration functionalities, new goniometry tools and enhanced collaboration options. The latest software also offers integration modules that will speed the incorporation of new and emerging AI and machine learning techniques into the platform.

Telemis-Medical Version 4.90 has been developed with a focus on addressing the challenges facing today’s radiologists. Recognizing that image comparison represents a significant portion of a radiologist’s work, Telemis has developed registration capabilities that allow alignment and comparison between images whatever the modalities (CT/MR/PT), the table positions and the timespan between the series. Optional report input tools that combine advanced image viewing, dictation management and voice recognition, further simplify and speed the collection, recording and analysis of radiology measurements.

With the new TM-Capture 4.90, the latest version of Telemis platform is addressing the needs of a wider medical community, beyond radiology. Medical images can be now captured by peripherals such as smartphones and tablets and then automatically linked with the patient ID and the user ID via scan barcodes and QR codes. These more flexible and faster features have been specifically designed not only for medical facilities with multiple sites but also for emergency units, dermatologists and surgeons.

The Telemis platform has always offered medical practitioners powerful collaboration tools. Telemis-Medical Version 4.90 takes this capability to the next level with TM-Community 4.90 and TM-Publisher Web 4.90. The brand new TM-Community facilitates exchanges between Telemis customers, while TM-Publisher Web supports the secure distribution of images to external professionals such as GPs and referring physicians. Integrated within the TM-Publisher Web tool is a new ‘uploader’ module that allows internal and external contacts to send DICOM or non-DICOM images for second opinions. In the context of data exchange and in order to enhance its GDPR compliance even further, the new audit system allows operators to centralize access control and management.

With artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques becoming more important in the medical sector, Telemis-Medical Version 4.90 offers modules that speed the integration of AI tools. The ‘AI-Box’ is designed to harmonize the exchange processes between multimedia archiving and communications systems and AI algorithms, making it easier to use the best algorithm for a given pathology.

Stephane Ketelaer, CEO, Telemis, comments: “Telemis makes significant investments to continually improve the tools and capabilities that our platform can provide radiologists and other medical practitioners. This latest upgrade supports not only increased efficiencies and improved communication, but also a number of functions that have been specifically designed to make a radiologist’s life easier. With enhanced tools like, co-registration and goniometry, we are confident that Telemis new platform will help improving patient outcomes without the need for sites to incur additional costs to access these advanced resources.”

Telemis-Medical MACS version 4.90 was first previewed at the Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting (RSNA) in Chicago in November 2018, and its roll-out on customer sites is due to start this week.