There were a significant number of hospital directors, hospital managers and department heads attending the recent round table event to discuss the INTUITUS activity dashboard

There were a significant number of hospital directors, hospital managers and department heads attending the recent round table event to discuss the INTUITUS activity dashboard 
Louvain-La-Neuve (Belgium), 5. November 2019 - On 26th September, Telemis organised a round table concerning the launch of its new product, an intuitive activity dashboard named INTUITUS. The principal invitees included hospital directors, hospital managers and heads of departments. The evening’s exchanges were considered a notable success, and this was enhanced by the first-hand experiences of two early users, Doctor Ghislain Vandenbosch and Doctor Stéphane Dechambre, respectively Head of the Radiology Department in the Charleroi Hospital Group and the Mouscron Hospital Centre. 
The activity dashboards are a real plus for hospital management and for improving the treatment available to patients   
Up until very recently, hospitals had only a limited view of their activity. Information was frequently not available or difficult to interpret. And in general, information was never available in real time. Collecting and interpreting data from very different sources are costly both in terms of the investment and in the time required. 
With INTUITUS, Telemis provides hospitals with an intuitive and convivial tool which enables visualising and analysing all the useful indicators in the form of a dashboard/progress report. One of the main missions of Telemis is « Extending Human Life ». Thus, this healthcare cockpit software has been designed and developed to improve the quality of treatment for patients by optimising each department’s activity and performance.  
During his presentation, Dr. Ghislain Vandenbosch explained: “Before using INTUITUS, we had lots of very disparate data that we might have been able to use. Now we have figures that noone contests with which we can make the right decisions and be able to justify them”. And then added: “Since being ACI (Accreditation Canada International) accredited, we have to follow numerous key performance indicators (KPIs), which is not a trivial matter. Now, thanks to INTUITUS, we have a clear snapshot of our quality level and can easily see whether we are improving or not”. 
In less than a year, INTUITUS has already been implemented in six hospitals across Belgium, France and Italy, all with significant results. As an example, the Charleroi Hospital Group, where INTUITUS has been installed since June 2018, has been able to improve significantly the numbers of examinations carried out at week-ends.  
Doctor Stéphane Dechambre highlighted the conviviality of the solution: “INTUITUS is very easy to use. In a single click, everything is immediately updated. Which is a huge improvement compared with the time when we had to wait two days for the PDFs which we then had to print”, before ending with a presentation on the DACS dosage management tool, which is also available with INTUITUS. 
INTUITUS is already extending into the operating theatre, the emergency department and the laboratory 
The dashboard solution is not confined to the radiology department, as innovation extends its reach into other areas. INTUITUS now also offers modules for the operating theatre, for the emergency department and for the laboratory plus a made-to-measure solution to meet individual requirements. The software is modular, intuitive and brings together data from multiple sources. It offers almost limitless possibilities for the various hospital departments to meet their objectives very simply and very quickly.  
This has been a round table which clearly demands to be repeated in the next few months - focusing on different subject areas.