Telemis announces a major upgrade of its MACS platform that now enables comprehensive user customization

Telemis announces a major upgrade of its MACS platform that now enables comprehensive user customization


Version 4.95 of Telemis-Medical offers greater scope for configuration, as well as addressing increasingly important GDPR and data security factors


Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), 9. September 2020 – Telemis, the medical imaging, archiving and transmission specialist, has just released a new iteration of the company’s widely-deployed Telemis-Medical platform. Through the technological advances encompassed within Telemis-Medical Version 4.95, physicians will be able to perform functions much quicker - leading to considerable time savings and greater convenience.


Delivering greater user customization to the popular MACS solution for managing different forms of diagnostic media (DICOM images, JPG and PDF files, videos, etc.), this latest version of Telemis-Medical expands the array of possible configurations. Consequently, the accessing, analyzing, and sharing of vital data will be accelerated significantly. Among the major add-ons is access to an unlimited choice of user-defined mouse button combinations, which will speed up the image manipulation process. Users will also benefit from a swift and intuitive drag-and-drop tool that facilitates export of images to multiple destinations.


In relation to the treatment of cancer patients, specifically radiotherapy, this latest upgrade also offers new and valuable features. For example, with the help of the improved Dose Volume Histograms (DVHs), radiotherapists will be empowered to monitor radiation intensity and localization better.


In addition, Telemis-Medical Version 4.95 has substantially bolstered security mechanisms in order to safeguard patient data. URLs randomization adds a level of security to the image distribution platform (TM-Publisher Web) in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines. Furthermore, healthcare institutions can define their own ‘conditions of use’, which TM-Publisher Web users will be asked to accept before accessing any data.


According to Stephane Ketelaer, CEO and co-founder of Telemis: “We have drawn on feedback from our 406 deployed sites around the world. Thanks to this latest version of Telemis-Medical, medical staff will be much more effective in carrying out their tasks. In the meantime, it was important to take into account all recent developments in European regulations on security and patient data protection. Telemis-Medical 4.95 has also been officially certified by our European notified body, while the company quality management system certification (ISO 13485 and ISO 9001) has been extended. We are now fully ready to start upgrading all of our customers.”


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